TWOB is a fully constituted community group!

Apr 14, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that The Wombles of Beverley are, as of today, a fully constituted community group following our Inaugural meeting this morning.

Given our significant growth and huge success over the past few months, it was the natural step forward in our journey.

Being a constituted group ensures we have a formal structure in place for our finance, health and safety and decision making. Our constitution makes it clear to everyone what we do and why.

The Inaugural Management Committee is made up as follows:

  • Chair ~ Paul Coe
  • Committee Member ~ Sara Fletcher
  • Secretary ~ Bridget Tym
  • Treasurer ~ Ronald Keuning
  • Deputy Chair ~ Lynne Smith

The Constituted Aims of The Wombles of Beverley are as follows: –

To engender public support, adults, young people and families, for a litter picking campaign in Beverley Town and expanding that campaign to the surrounding villages.
To organise a range of activities that brings people together, reduces litter and changes mindsets and attitudes towards littering.
To work in partnership with public authorities to raise the profile of littering and to arrange for the most efficient disposal of the litter collected.
To raise and administer funds for the benefit of the litter picking campaign.

It is a very exciting time moving forward, we will keep you posted on all future developments