New Membership Scheme is launched!!

Jan 25, 2022

*****Membership Scheme!******
We have previously informed you about the new membership scheme and today is the day we go LIVE! The scheme will ensure that we are keeping you safe via our insurance when you are on a group pick and we will also be able to keep you informed with any news and events.
The scheme will be managed by myself, Membership coordinator, ably assisted by the committee.
It is important that you are a member of the TWOB if you wish to borrow or pick up any equipment from the outlets who assist us or join group litter picks.
What next?
1. Go on to the website
2. Click on join now.
3. Fill out all your details including any children, equipment you require ( it states what is allowed) and have a quick read through the policies and you are done. It is a 5 minute job.
4. You will receive an email within 14 days from confirming your membership number, who is registered and where you can collect your equipment from ( usually the next group pick)
If you do not have a computer or are unable to register for whatever reason, PLEASE do not be put off! We can help you. Just email me at or send me a PM on FB.
Thanks for reading and we look forward to receiving your membership to this brilliant litter picking group!