Apr 11, 2022

On Sunday 10th April we held our first AGM courtesy of Dave White and his office in Woodmansey ( thanks Dave!). This was the first AGM since we became a fully constituted group in April 2021.

The committee (apart from Bridget who was sadly poorly), met along with a couple of active members, John Parish and Wendy Morgan.

Paul Coe, Chairman welcomed the group and Agenda item 1 was for Paul to make a statement which I think you will agree sums up what this group is all about beautifully;

It has been a huge honour to serve as Chair in our inaugural year as a Constituted Community Group.

There can be no doubt that it has been a truly remarkable year where everyone involved in TWOB has played their part in the amazing success that we have achieved so far.

There are many, many stakeholders who also play a very significant part in our success.

As Chair I deal with our stakeholders on a regular basis and I am forever thankful to them.

We as a committee and as a group have achieved much together in 21/22 but I firmly believe that we are just getting started!

This year we launched our litter picking strategy for 22/23. Most of it has been implemented and I am sure the benefits will bear fruit in due course.

The thing I am most excited for this coming year is our group getting into schools to try and educate young children.

When we became a Constituted Community Group the long term vision was to get into schools and this year will be the start of this!

On a personal note I would like to thank each and every member of TWOB Management Committee.

Lynne, Bridget, Sara, Zoe, James and Ronald are all wonderful to work with. Thank you everyone. I have felt very supported by everyone and I hope everyone has felt supported by me.

Thank you, too, to all our amazing volunteers who are all brilliant people. The camaraderie we all enjoy makes the group what it is.

Finally, I love this group, it’s people and what we are about. As such the next year promises to be incredible!

Paul was thanked for all his hard work and commitment and moving the group forward.

Ronald, as Treasurer then discussed the accounts and presented these for viewing. Thanks to all the grants we have achieved from our supporters, the group has healthy funds moving forward to continue supporting TWOB with equipment, events and insurance.

The next agenda item was to elect the Committee Members for the next year. These will remain the same with everyone voted in and also wishing to continue their work for the TWOB

  1. Chair – Paul Coe
  2. Deputy Chair – Lynne Smith
  3. Secretary – Bridget Jones
  4. Treasurer – Ronald Keuning
  5. Ordinary Members  – Sara Fletcher, James White, Zoe Green

The AGM closed and we moved on to our quarterly committee meeting of which many great new initiatives where discussed so look out on the website and FB for updates on the strategy and news!