About The Wombles of Beverley

Our Constitution

The Constituted Aims of The Wombles of Beverley are as follows:

  • To engender public support, adults, young people and families, for a litter picking campaign in Beverley Town and expanding that campaign to the surrounding villages.
  • To organise a range of activities that brings people together, reduces litter and changes mindsets and attitudes towards littering.
  • To work in partnership with public authorities to raise the profile of littering and to arrange for the most efficient disposal of the litter collected.
  • To raise and administer funds for the benefit of the litter picking campaign.

Background of The Wombles of Beverley Community Group

In Spring 2018 while out walking their dog Millie, Ronald and his family would regularly get extremely angry and frustrated with the amount of litter and discarded doggie bags casually tossed in the bushes off Shepherds Lane and Deer Park Way in Beverley.

Ronald started noticing that the litter was affecting his state of mind, so decided to do something about it.

Late one weekday afternoon he got some old clothes and work gloves on and started going through the ditches and bushes along Shepherds Lane.

His plan was not just to clear it, because that would not solve the problem, as most people would not notice the difference.

He, therefore, threw all the litter onto the footpath and left it there for a few days.

Expecting reactions and comments on Facebook about the mess on the road at Shepherds Lane, he waited until the Friday and suggested an organised clean up on Saturday morning. He was delighted that 4 or 5 people joined him to clear the litter from that area!

During a second clear-up one week later, and after receiving lots of comments and praise from passers-by, Ronald decided that the group needed an identity and its own dedicated Facebook page. The small group of volunteers, while picking their way through the undergrowth, agreed on The Wombles of Beverley, so one of the volunteers, Lance, created a Facebook page.

Regular weekend picks were organised for different areas around our lovely town, but they were humble beginnings, sometimes just Ronald by himself, sometimes with a few others, but he always found it nice to meet new, like-minded people from all sorts of backgrounds on these picks.

A year later in 2019, Paul Coe joined the group for several picks and his passion and drive to make a difference was truly inspiring.

It soon became obvious that Paul’s enthusiasm was the impetus the group needed to take it to the next level.

Between 2019 and Spring 2021 Paul worked relentlessly to develop and grow the group – he created positive relationships with residents, public bodies and local businesses.

From a bunch of enthusiastic litter pickers in 2019 to a formal voluntary group in 2021, with a constitution, bank account and committee, the group has seen massive growth on Facebook, with Lynne and Bridget taking on the Facebook administration.

After picking up some litter picking equipment and offering to help with grants, Sara joined the team.

Paul, Ronald, Bridget, Lynne and Sara where the founding committee members for the group. Recent additions of James and Zoe and with Lynne and Sara moving on we will be looking to enhance our committee further in the Autumn.

In 2020 the Wombles collected 1,122 bags of rubbish, which at the time seemed amazing considering the group’s humble beginnings.

The year 2021 is when the group really took off – under the leadership of our Chair, Paul Coe, Facebook membership achieved 1,300 (and is still rising), covering Beverley and its surrounding villages. In the first quarter of this year alone, an impressive 1,500 bags were collected, smashing the previous year’s total! In 2021 an amazing 3710 bags were collected! 

This group does much more than just pick up litter; wildlife and the environment have benefitted; its activities have supported its members’ mental health and well-being and new friendships made – benefits of vital importance during the recent pandemic.

There are some really lovely stories that members share – from the 5-year-old wanting to make a positive contribution to their local area, to the 89-year-old looking for activity and friendship after his wife sadly passed away.

The group has formed excellent working relationships with public bodies and local businesses and expansion of these links is among the next important steps for us.

The Wombles of Beverley Committee

Paul Coe

Paul Coe


It is my honour and privilege to be Chairman of The Wombles of Beverley.

I have no idea what made me want to get involved after seeing a social media post about the group but I’m so glad that I did.

In April 2019, after just my first litter pick with Ronald Keuning I was hooked!

Soon after I was organising litter picks and making every effort to raise our profile. I have worked extremely hard and helped us grow rapidly, so much so that I felt in early 2021 that we should become a fully-fledged community group and here we are!

I am delighted to be part of such a great team of committee members and a member of our wonderful litter picking community.

In our constitution it is our aims that drive me every day and I am sure I will be hooked on litter picking for the rest of my life!

Ronald Keuning

Ronald Keuning


One of the founding fathers of the Wombles of Beverley, I started engaging with the local community by highlighting areas with “hidden” litter in 2019.

More often than not I would get equally frustrated and angry by seeing discarded litter during my (dog) walks.

I noticed that it affected my mental wellbeing and decided to do something about it.

By picking up litter, I felt better in myself, had the feeling that I was making a difference in our local environment and it gave something back to the community.

Committee member and Treasurer for the Wombles of Beverley community group, looking after the pennies and making sure that any donations received are properly managed and any funds disbursed in agreement with the committee.

Zoe Green

Zoe Green


I started litter picking in March 2020 after finding myself working from home due to covid having usually worked away most of the week in a busy job. I enjoy the group picks and the TWOB passion for keeping the area clean is infectious!
The Committee advertised for a membership coordinator and someone to manage the news on the website. Having less time to pick but more time to do admin allowed me to apply for the role so I can at least contribute to the teams’ efforts. I am delighted to be carrying out this important job and keeping my hometown of Beverley clean whilst ensuring all our members are kept as safe as possible via our membership scheme. I have recently been elected as Secretary.

Wendy Morgan

Wendy Morgan

Committee Member

I first contacted Beverley Parish Council to ask if they had any litter picking groups.  I was disappointed with the amount of litter that I saw on my way into town and on my walks around Beverley.  They told me to contact Paul Coe who was involved in a litter picking group called The Wombles of Beverley. Paul gave me all the equipment I needed and told me about the group on Facebook.
I did my first litter pick mid September 2020 and realised straight away what a fantastic group of people The Wombles are. 
I’m looking forward to helping out wherever I can and carrying on with my regular litter picks.

Cath Fairbrother

Cath Fairbrother

Deputy Chair

I joined TWOB for several reasons. Mainly because my daughter wanted to help the local community and environment, but I also needed help with getting out and about to improve my health. I get that and so much more with being part of this group.

I love the community spirit we have and the group litter picks are my favourite. It has also really helped me and my daughters mental health as well.

I am really looking forward to helping the committee continue to do such more amazing work.

Carolyne Fearon

Carolyne Fearon

Committee Member

 I’ve lived abroad for 10 years, and on my return to the UK, I was shocked to see how dirty our beautiful country is. Such a crying shame, but luckily,  some caring individuals wanted to make a difference and care for our planet.
A Womble for 2 years now and what a family the Wombles are. Friendly, approachable and all-encompassing Womble, I love the group picks but also solo, and boy, in both you just get carried away, it’s addictive!
I’m so proud to be a part of the Womble family.