The Wombles of Beverley


We are a Constituted Community Group of volunteers operating within Beverley town and its surrounding villages. Our members include people of all ages, including children.

We pick and bag litter from council-owned land and deliver this to council-agreed collection sites (usually litter bins) and this waste is routinely collected by the ERYC (East Riding of Yorkshire Council).

We also report fly-tipping instances to the ERYC.

Recent expansion of the Group has seen organised events such as the removal of waste from the River Hull.

We have recently been awarded the Beverley Town Council Good Neighbour Award!

In addition, we are delighted to have been awarded The High Sheriff Award again!

 If you would like to donate to our cause please find us on Just Giving!

Caring for the Beverley environment since 2018!

Our Mission

To engender public support, adults, young people, and families, for a litter picking campaign in Beverley Town and expanding that campaign to the surrounding villages.

To organise a range of activities that brings people together, reduces litter, and changes mindsets and attitudes towards littering.

To work in partnership with public authorities to raise the profile of littering and to arrange for the most efficient disposal of the litter collected.

To raise and administer funds for the benefit of the litter picking campaign.